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How Did The Goalie Mask Come Into Existence?

Goalie masks were first made with the intention of protecting the player. Today, they are not for this purpose only because most of them are artistic. The the idea of creating a goalie mask which is personalised makes it impossible to find a mask which resembles that of another player. Some player prefer to change their goalie mask each year. Others prefer to use the same goalie mask throughout the years they work as goaltender. In the 1960s, this tradition of making goalie mask was started by Gerry who played for Boston Bruins. This goaltender ensured that he made a stitch on the goalie mask each time he was hit on the face to symbolize the real stitches they would have if at all he had not won the goalie mask.

Despite the fact that people say that the goalie mask was first invented in the early 1950s, the people behind its invention were not the first ones to wear it. Since Clint Benedict was afraid of being hit on his ailing nose, he decided to wear a goalie mask back in the year 1930. A goalie mask which is generally used by baseball players was won by a Japanese sometimes back. The goalie mask which was made for the Plante player is an example of a fiberglass Vintage mask which covers the entire face. since the player had an injury, he was forced to wear a goalie mask. There are so many other players who sued the goalie mask just like this player although this kind of cover was later immortalised by a person known as Jason. 1974 marks the year which there were some players who played without wearing Vintage goalie masks namely Pittsburgh and Andy Smith.

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Great goalie masks were further developed for players. Due to the improvements in making of the goalie masks, the hockey helmet could be made too. This type of goalie masks was initially fully spread in Europe although it was later embraced in North America. Some of the people who were the first ones to win these goalie masks includes Dominic Hasek, Bill Smith among others. It is worth noting that the wire face cage has with time lost its popularity because it is alleged to provide minimal protection to the players. The latest developments in creating the cages is remarkable. As long as you are using the current type of goalie mask, you can be sure that you will be protected against any injury on your entire head. It is possible to see any king of goalie mask in the current market depending with the user and the game they engage in.

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