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Know These Things First Before Buying Used Gym Equipment

If you’ve been dreaming about building your own home gym but money is a big hindrance, then you might want to consider buying used exercise and fitness equipment. Obviously, you will need hundreds if not thousands of bucks if you intend to fill your home gym with new equipment. But there’s really no reason to be disappointed because in terms of buying used commercial gym equipment, there’s a big chance you stumble upon some that still are in very good condition.

You see, many commercial fitness centers and gyms buy new equipment for the purpose of retaining current member and attracting new ones. With that in mind, there’s a lot of used exercise machines and equipment that are left out to be sold even though they were only used for a couple of years, even months for some.

However, not all used gym equipment are best for your needs. Therefore, it’s a wise decision to first learn everything about used fitness equipment before you go on shopping.

Learn the Terms

In reality, there really is no strict rules or standards in describing used gym or fitness equipment. Instead, you just have to learn what stuff like “pre-owned,” “refurbished,” “and “reconditioned” means and what their differences, if there are any. Keep in mind that even if you’re buying a used product, you still will want to learn and dig deeper about it and the best person to ask is the sales representative.

Commercial vs Residential

Next consideration should be whether you’re purchasing a commercial or residential grade. Obviously, you’ll get the most out of your investment if you can find a use fitness equipment that’s commercial grade but not overly priced. You obviously will pick a commercial type against a residential grade. The reason why they’re commercial grade is because they are built and designed to withstand use and abuse.

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Consider the Brand

When you’re buying used products, including exercise or gym equipment, it is a lot more important to choose one with a renowned or recognized brand. A manufacturer with a long standing reputation for building premium quality products is more likely to build one that can last long. Buying from an unknown brand could become your biggest and costliest mistake.


Finally, even if you’re buying a used equipment, it still is a much better deal if you can find one that still has a warranty attached to it. In case the manufacturer warranty no longer applies, it’s best to ask the dealer if they’re giving you one.

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