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How Septic Tank Installation is Done?

Septic systems are usually installed in rural areas as well as cottages. Waterfront properties normally tend to be more challenging for doing septic tank installation primarily because of the moist soil. Depending on the soil’s condition to which the tank is installed, the system might not work efficiently and effectively in treating wastewater and harmful bacteria may penetrate your system. It’s integral that you have a great idea of what you are doing when doing the installation. Anytime that you are in doubt, you should not think twice in hiring the pros.

To get the permits needed and guidelines necessary, you should take a quick trip in the local municipal office. This will help you know what tank size is best to use which can be determined by checking the number of people who are in your house. Say that the municipal office is of no help, then you should get your property’s measurement and hire a house inspector.

You should decide on the type of tank you wish to have. A very common option used here is concrete but plastic tanks are gradually gaining popularity. Plastic tanks are a lot easier to handle as their lightweight and not breakdown overtime.

Another thing to be considered is where you will place the septic tank. Home inspectors have the ability of figuring out the proper distance from your house to the tank, property lines, the water frontage and so on. Field bed is necessary as well because this is the place where wastewater is filtered. It has to be a size that corresponds to the size of your septic tank. It must consist of the proper sand or soil. Make it a point that you don’t forget to secure the right construction permits or everything that you have done will be put to waste.

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As you have made the measurements, make it a point that you’ve called a house inspector to double check everything before you start with anything. The inspector will request to perform a perc test or the test that will determine how long it takes for the water to filter in the soil. This is essential as it will tell if there are anything that has to be included or added in the soil to be able to prepare it for a successful septic tank installation. The moment that the perc test gets an approval, the time to dig can now push through.

Unless you can do the septic tank installation yourself, you should be hiring experts to dig holes for your tank. The tank will be lowered into the hole once it is dug. Make the base firmer by putting bit of rocks or gravel in it.

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