Simple Steps for Wedding Dress Shopping, Fitting, and Care

There are many wonderful things about New York City the people, the sights, the food, and, of course, the limitless shopping options. NYC is the ideal location for brides to choose the dress of their dreams because there is literally something for everyone. It can feel overwhelming to narrow the many choices down to the one dress. Take the pressure off yourself by following these simple tips to finding the right dress, getting it fitted, and keeping it perfect for your walk down the aisle.

Selecting the Right Dress

The first piece of advice is to make a list of several dress shops that you want to visit. Read online reviews before finalizing your list to avoid poor service. It can be very tempting but do not buy a dress at the beginning. Seeing the options from many stores will help you to know not only what looks good on you, what kind of service is provided, and a broad range of prices. After you have checked each location off your list there’s a good chance that one dress called out to you. Go back and try it on again. If you love it as much you did the first time, then buy it with pride!

The Perfect Fit

No dress will fit you like a glove straight off the rack. Someone who does wedding dress alterations new york city ny will start out with another fitting (yay another time to wear the gown!). The dress will be professionally brought in or out, a bustle added if desired, and any other number of options you select. You will get the chance to come in for a final fitting to ensure that the tailored dress is utter perfection. Get excited because the next time you wear the dress it’ll be your wedding day!

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Wedding Day Dress Care

It is important to take your dress out a few days before the wedding, so it can air out and breathe. A cloth garment bag is a perfect way to keep it clean and protected until it is time to put it on. Don’t use a cheap hanger, wedding dresses are heavy and need a sturdy wood hanger. The day of the wedding be sure to bring a portable garment steamer to get rid of any sneaky wrinkles that may have happened in transit.

You’ve followed all the steps by shopping around, picking ‘the one’, getting it fitted, preparing it for wedding day action and now there is nothing left to do but wear it down the aisle as you greet your future spouse. The entire wedding dress process is an important part of creating memories. Loved ones enjoy the process with you and when the time comes you know that your beloved will think that you are the most beautiful creature on the planet because the dress you chose reflects and enhances your natural beauty from within. Enjoy your wedding day bride-to-be, you are earned it.