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The Amount of Time Weed Can Stay in Your System

There are too many times we look at someone and wonder how long ago the weed symptoms you can see them exhibiting has been in their system. Weed is known as cannabis sativa scientifically but it has a wide range of other street names in many places across the world. The effects of using weed are diverse. Weed has been known to be of great use in the medical circles. The truth is that, the duration weed can stay in your system is totally dependent on a person’s systems, the condition of a user and how frequent a user usually indulges in it. A chemical that is produced by its use, is known as Tetrahydrocannabino. The longer you smoke weed, the longer the THC is in your body system. Without tests, it is very difficult to know how long weed has been in a person’s system.

You should take into account that many people from all walks of life have been searching for answers and solution for the amount of time weed has stayed in one’s system and how to test. There is the detection method of blood test. The duration at which weed has stayed in your system can be detected between twenty four hours for those who only took it once. Unlike those individuals who consumed weed once, heavy consumers require a longer period of time to detect how much weed is in their system.

Hairs tests can be used as well. For repeat users, this is one of the best testing methods. Therefore it is crucial to understand how long you have been consuming weed in order to know what test is best for you.

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When it comes to testing for weed, the best kind and most efficient drug test is the urine test. The urine test is easy to do and it is also cheap. You will realize that many employers prefer the urine test and this is due to the fact that they are cheap. If you smoke weed very frequently, then you sure will have a positive drug test. With a once in a while user, the drug has not been absorbed in the liver so much and so there isn’t so much of it in there. If you are an avid user, you will have it is your system much longer. Ensure that you keep away from it at least two weeks before your test.

There is no use of the saliva test so much today. This is because the tests can only detect weed that has been used in the last 24 hours.

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