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How to Choose Rewards Gift Cards

When choosing rewards gift cards, the first step is to select the card that fits the recipient’s interests. Most gift cards are designed to be redeemed at a variety of stores. This allows you to avoid giving an impersonal gift. While prepaid gift cards are convenient, they are unbiased, and you can’t be sure what the recipient likes. Instead, consider a multi-store or multi-brand card. Electronics make the best end-of-year sales incentives. Best Buying gift cards -especially online ones- remain the most popular but don’t discount their other advantages.

Bank of America Preferred Rewards

You might already know about the Preferred Rewards program if you have a Bank of America credit card. It rewards you for spending at the bank’s retail stores and gives you higher rewards than many other credit card programs. With this program, you can earn as many as 5.25% in rewards in grocery stores and 3% in different categories. Depending on your spending, you can earn up to 2.62 points for every dollar.


One way to earn more points is to sign up for the Bank of America Premium Rewards Elite credit card. This card offers higher rewards than the other three tiers, including 1.2 points per dollar spent on airfare. It’s designed specifically for people who qualify for the Preferred Rewards program. To become a member, you need to maintain a balance of $20,000 a day in a BoA or Merrill investment account. You can redeem your card for cash when you’ve accumulated 2,500 points in a year.

Amex Membership Rewards

If you want to redeem your points for a luxurious stay, Amex Membership Rewards are the way to go. These cards offer benefits such as travel rewards, bonus points, and more. In addition, if you use your card for travel, you will get a one-to-one transfer ratio with many partner airline companies. This will allow you to get more value for your points than you would with any other form of currency. You can use your points for everything from hotel stays to flights, and it’s worth it to take advantage of this benefit.


You can use these points to pay for charges or even cash back. They’re worth about 0.6 cents each, so they’re an excellent way to save money on recent purchases. However, be aware that you must have at least one dollar on your card to redeem them for cash. Moreover, you can’t redeem partial points. However, if you want to save them money, you can do so by using Amex Pay with Points, which typically has a 0.7 CPP redemption rate. You can also use Amex Pay with Points to auto-fill MR points at the checkout.

Chase Ink

If you’re looking for a credit card with rewards that you can use to reward yourself for spending, consider the Chase Ink rewards gift cards. You can use them to get cash back for purchases, gift cards, or redeem statement credits. The Ink card is aimed at small business owners, so it’s not the most popular option for travelers. However, it does come with its share of benefits, including low fees and lucrative interest rates.


First of all, you must be in business to qualify for the Chase Ink business card. While small businesses and side hustles can be classified as businesses, they will still be considered income if you use the card for business purposes. As long as your income is tied to your business, you can earn rewards for every dollar you spend. Getting the card doesn’t hurt your credit; you can use it to reward yourself for any small business expenses.


Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards

The Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards credit card might be a good choice for a credit card that earns a competitive rate on everyday purchases. This credit card does not charge an annual fee, but it does have a low rewards cap. Since the rewards are based on how much you spend in each category, it is best for frugality-conscious shoppers. However, it’s not the best option for people who are heavy spenders.


The Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards credit card comes with an attractive $200 cash-back bonus, but you’ll have to spend $1,000 within 90 days to qualify. It’s easy to meet this requirement and ranks well among no-annual-fee credit card bonuses. The only downside is the small amount of flexibility in the categories. Luckily, the rewards are consistent. If you’re a heavy gas guzzler, the Customized Cash Rewards credit card will earn you a decent amount each month.


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A Closer Look at Viewmaster Reels

You can find various types of view master reels. There are Gaf, Sawyer’s, Tru-Vu, TYCO, and others. Here, we’ll take a closer look at each type. You may also be interested in this comparison table. There’s a lot of confusion about what each type of reel is. But before we get started, let’s take a closer look at how they work.


Initially manufactured by General Aniline & Film (GAF), the first Viewmaster reels were introduced in the early 1940s. However, by the mid-1960s, the company’s focus had shifted from travelogue and scenic subjects to other film genres. As a result, it switched to using Kodachrome film stock to produce reels. GAF also introduced a talking View-Master in the 1970s. After GAF sold the company to the Arnold Thaler group, it reorganized as the Viewmaster International Group.


When Sawyer’s View-Master was first introduced, the concept of using the reel for viewing movies seemed futuristic. However, the first models didn’t resemble these futuristic models until model C came out seven years later. That model was the first to allow the viewer to insert the reel directly into the backstock. This new design allowed the viewer to see the film in 3-D using stereoscopic double vision transparency. Each spin had fourteen pairs of images. This resulted in seven 3-D images.


Initially, the company that created the first Tru-Vu view master reels was Tru-Vu Inc. It was established in 1931 in Rock Island, Illinois, and quickly expanded after the Century of Progress Exposition in 1933. The company used 35mm filmstrips with fourteen stereo views pulled through the viewer with a lever. By 1949, Tru-Vu had sold over a million reels of film. In 1950, the company introduced the color film. And by 1961, it had produced more than 400 filmstrips. The company continued to make and market these filmstrips until the 1960s.


There are three main sets of TYCO view master reels: “A Day at the Circus,” “World of Disney Mainstreet USA,” and “Santas Workshop.” The Talking View-Master’s newest version is a new addition to the TYCO line. It uses AA-size batteries to power the continuous reel of film that moves inside the View-Master. The microchip in the viewer plays a prerecorded caption and sound effects as the film is viewed. The Talking View-Master was sold in a presentation tub and is available in the United States and Canada.

TYCO’s talking viewmaster

Tyco produced Talking View-Master 3-D in 1997. This was the third version of the View-Master to feature talking video reels. It utilized an endless loop of film inside its cartridge rather than phonograph discs. It had a chip that provided short sound clips and had six titles to choose from. Tyco acquired the company in 1996 and later received Mattel Toys. Today, there are still plenty of collector’s items with Talking View-Master reels.


GAF released a variety of different versions of its View-Master Reel. In addition, there were cartoon reel packets and many with an educational bent. Promotion material claimed that GAF produced VIEW-MASTER subjects for all interests. The Talking View-Master was released in 1969 and was 3X more extensive than its audio-free counterpart. It also featured a built-in microphone and used specially-designed photo reels, with the audio being played on a different spin. A three-reel set was sold separately.


Collectors of TYCO’s view master reels are looking for an example in mint condition and free from mold, foxing spots, or other imperfections. Reels that have scenes missing are worthless. Reels in paper blisters are worth less than a quarter of what mint reels are worth. A three-reel packet should include the three reels, the outer color envelope, and the inner story booklet. Any of these damaged components can decrease the value and price of the entire set. For these reasons, MIP (mint in package) prices are used to determine the value of a group. MIP prices are for mint in package reels so that a good-to-excellent condition. Reel will command about 85 percent of that price.

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Latest Fashion For Women

Ladies’s Fashion Clothes For 2010

In modern times, there are increasingly individuals change into keen on avenue observing. Designs are difficult to guard in court docket, as a result of they incorporate elements that are successfully in the “public domain. All-sufficient, steady people with numerous pursuits normally dress in rather simple manner, not showing off, and interest in new developments moderately, not looking for new labels.\n\nOnce more, this can be a trend that probably stemmed from the “Suri Cruise impact,” wherein children wish to wear designer clothes and parents need to costume their kids in design manufacturers. Males can find just about anything they want in clothes and niknaks within the Calvin Klein line.\n\nThus, it’s vital to be additional cautious while shopping for the trendy clothes. We now have a large clothes collection from Nigerian Male fashion designers available on-line. This mix might be offered in makeup, women’s clothes, footwear and other modern equipment.\n\nChildren are not any less with regards to fashion and developments. Even girls who’re plus-sized have increasingly selections when it comes to buying sexy clothing. Pea coats are usually not exclusively mens clothes and are also worn by women. This reveals that folks like to experiment everything to make them engaging.\n\nOn the identical time, this type also could be divided into social, each day, skilled, sports and efficiency clothing etc. Well known Italian designer of top of the range menswear – something from equipment to slacks. Women who’ve a pear shaped body will find that they’re typically heavier and broader in the hips and thigh area.\n\nThis begs the question, why do ladies’s vogue garments present extra adjustments as compared to the opposite gender’s? Smaller, boutique, designers have lost revenue after their designs have been taken and marketed by larger businesses with extra resources. However even costume has various designs.\n\nSticking to a extra traditional type of clothes for teenagers is a good way to remain out of the high-demand and high-value gadgets whereas nonetheless looking nice. Get highrise, mid or low rise jeans in blue , black, brown or green from Levi’s, Lee, Flying Machine, Killer and more to pair with your shirts and t-shirts.…

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Why is Skin Exfoliation the Most Important Skincare Routine?

Why is Skin Exfoliation the Most Important Skincare Routine?

Regular skin exfoliation is a necessity and must never be skipped. If you do, it could make you sick. Why?

– Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Its function is not only to keep us together, protect us from elements and look good while doing it, but more importantly our skin is a major cleansing organ. So important that it is sometimes referred to as a third kidney.

Waste and impurities are carried by capillaries to the surface of the skin where they are trapped by surface cells. As those cells age and naturally exfoliate they take those impurities out of our bodies permanently. Then fresh cells rise to the surface and they are ready to take on the next batch of waste.

When our skin cells collect the waste from within our body, at the same time they intake oxygen from the atmosphere. In another words – they breathe for us and when you have a lot of oxygen in your body you are healthier, more alert and you feel happy.

So, our skin performs some pretty important functions, don’t you think? To work most effectively it could use some help from us. We can really help the skin to exfoliate faster, thus reducing its workload and directing most of its energies to the important tasks of eliminating waste and breathing. Most people use some sort of exfoliating cosmetics, but instead of helping, they could actually be harming your skin. How?

Although cosmetics might do a good job of scrubbing some of the top, dead cells off, they do not actually get it any cleaner. Look at the label – most of those cosmetics contain a lot of substances which are far from natural, in fact a lot of them are toxic to the skin. So, what you are in effect doing is exfoliating your skin so that you can then blast it with a toxic cocktail. Not a good idea.

The best exfoliation method under the sun is the most basic and also the cheapest. Baiden Mitten. It is a glove made from natural tree fibres. Gloves like this have been used in Turkish baths for centuries. What Baiden Mitten can do for your skin has not been able to be duplicated by any man made substitutes. It not only performs the deepest possible exfoliation, but also stimulates skin’s blood supply so that the elimination of waste and blood oxygenation is speeded up.

And through this a miracle happens. Your skin, suddenly totally free of any impurities and dead skin cells is able to help itself. It becomes strong, resilient and amazingly smooth and clear. It is then able to take care of multitude of skin problems such as skin sensitivity, dryness or excessive oiliness, uneven texture, outbreaks, stretch marks, sagging skin and even cellulite.

Yes, our skin was designed to remain youthful if we work WITH IT and not AGAINST IT.…

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Spring Summer 2017 Full Style Present

“See, I have set earlier than thee today life and good, and demise and evil” Deut 30:15 Death is associated with evil within the Bible. Solely the ladies themselves and folks helping them to prepare needs to be allowed in the altering room. From menswear and ready to wear and high fashion catwalk reveals and fashion occasions and events, NOWFASHION brings one of the best of stay trend to you.\n\nTruthfully, the luxurious brand’s Spring 2018 assortment looks like the team rummaged of their fridges and pantries for inspiration and made some dresses out of it. The stairs may also be an possibility, however be careful strolling on stairs if you are carrying shoes you aren’t very comfy in. It’s in all probability higher to stroll the “catwalk” in the living room or wherever everyone seems to be most snug.\n\nTry to map out a plan of action so that you’ve got time to see the distributors you are interested in. It could be a disgrace to overlook out on a cake that tastes out of this world merely since you walked previous that aisle without paying attention to it. A vendor is often handing out a coupon or freebies so reap the benefits of all of the provides.\n\nIn case you are a style addict, you may’t miss the chance to get fashion shows right at residence. At Stephens—the place college students study by doing—you don’t just read in regards to the fashion industry. Whilst a vogue show will take a whole lot of planning (a number of months), the event can actually pay off.\n\nAs promenade dresses are value hundreds of kilos every it is important to guarantee they will not get damaged in the middle of a style show. Little doubt, that includes actual life working personalities in a runway present is an fascinating move. With the help and assistance of your friends, exit to occasions or events where other forms of VS events are being held.\n\nThe show is held in August and final summer time a few of the most outrageous fashions were provided by Isle of Dogs whose canine and human models ranged from visions of publish-apocalyptic, metallic silver and purple robots to a pink chiffon Mary Poppins accompanied by a teacup poodle with pink highlights and a sparkling princess crown.\n\nWatch the video of the Rochas Fashion Present, Ready To Wear Collection Spring Summer season 2018 Presented throughout the Paris Trend Week. So – what style tendencies emerged from these reveals? Now underneath Estethica, it’s being planned to carry the moral designers with similar views closer and play their function in making clothes extra moral than ever before.…

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Hottest Fashion Trends For Fall 2010

Hottest Fashion Trends For Fall 2010

I know it’s still summer, but you know fall is around the corner when those back-to-school commercials are posted everywhere. And for those faddy guys, it’s high time to shift their gears to fall. I can’t wait either! Recently, I also started to browsing fashion websites like Elle and Vogue, trying to sneak a peek at fall fashion trends for this year. Here, I’d like to share my gains with you.

According to those trend reports, 70’s style of simple and sexy is back to be the theme for this fall fashion season. Besides, accessories as those are all about creating detail and adding texture, color and visual appeal to one’s outfit will also come into fashion. Stylish handbags, textured scarves, jewel tone bracelets, bubble rings, and gemstone earrings will give you some unexpected and incredible fashion flair when paired with fall’s latest fashion trends.

Stunning JewelryThis fall fashion season jewel tone bracelets, bubble rings, and gemstone earrings are all the rage. A piece of fine jewelry can elevate the look of any style and draw the public attention to you. When choosing jewelry, remember jewelry of vibrant colors like turquoise, red, green and yellow are favored in this fall fashion season, as they can also help to make big impact on simply and neutral apparel.

Stylish Handbags Like jewelry, stylish handbags can draw people’s attention and make you out of the common. This fall looks for gorgeous tote bags and handbags in bright colors and shiny leather. You can find them in various handbag shops; choose some to go with your fashion fall suits.

Chic Silk Scarves This fall is the best season for silk scarves, as they can add something distinctive and colorful to your monochromatic outfit. Fashion scarves are versatile accessories that can be worn around the neck, wrapped around your tote, and tied around the waist. You can also use it as a headband, or wear a scarf over another top to add color to your attire. Be creative with your scarf wearing, and try to find the many different ways to wear your fashion scarves.

So, after the information about fall fashion trends, you must itch shop your own fashionable accessories for this fall fashion season. Follow your heart and buy things that can make you distinctive and fascinating. But I recommend shopping on popular and safe online shops, which could save you a lot time and money.…

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Become A Fashion Designer With Style Games

Is Style Your Ardour? Start assembly individuals in the industry as early as doable, preferably while you are still a style design pupil. Only when you’ll be able to put your thoughts and concepts in paper, will the others be able to understand what you mean and want. WiRepa has showcased his glamorous night put on in a number of trend reveals, utilizing local fashions as a option to give again to and uplift proficient youth in his hometown.\n\nThe history of fashion design may be traced back to the beginning of the19th century when the designs had been the product of the dresses worn within the royal courts. Confection collections are the clothes that we usually see in retailers. – It’s worthwhile to love or learn to like the advertising and marketing, negotiating and networking sport on the earth of vogue.\n\nThere may be multiple path to becoming a dressmaker. Then with the help of a workforce of designers and workers they create the ultimate product. The style design trade practices the essential three forms of vogue fashion. These expertise will all contribute to helping somebody with a passion for vogue develop their ability and utilize it in the true world.\n\nThe design of clothes will become closing solely when all of the equipment which go together with them are designed. Without a genuine capacity to visualise, draw and paint in two dimensions you will not be able to deliver innovation which is the energizing pressure of trend design.…