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Top 10 Beach Bag Must-Haves

Top 10 Beach Bag Must-Haves

So you’re off to the beach and you don’t want to be caught out by forgetting those essential items! How can you be sure you have everything you may need and fit it all into one bag? We have come up with a list of our top 10 beach bag items to help you prepare for your day.

1) Sunglasses. Sunglasses won’t just help you to look cool on the beach, they will also protect your eyes and help to prevent wrinkles.

2) Suncream. Please don’t forget your suncream. How many times have you come back from a day in the sun and developed the ‘beetroot look’ by bedtime? This not only looks awful and causes peeling a few days later, it is also extremely bad for your skin and can cause cancer. Include a minimum of SPF 30 if you’re planning to be out in the sunshine for an extended period.

3) Hat. A sun hat will help to keep the sun off your face and out of your eyes and prevent overheating and damage to your hair.

4) Towel. A medium sized towel will give you something to sit on and will be welcome if you decide to swim in salt water. It can also double up as an item to keep the sun off or even wrap around your shoulders for a bit of extra warmth later in the day.

5) Bottled water and a snack. Bottled water is the kindest way to keep your body hydrated and is worth it’s weight in gold. Always take at least 1 litre to replace lost fluids. You’ll be glad of a snack too. Choose yours.

6) Water spray. You can buy water spray products these days but if you’d rather avoid that expense a travel sized atomizer filled with spring water can be a life saver.

7) Bikini/tankini. If you go for a two-piece swim suit you can mix and match with you outfit (we would suggest a kaftan and some linen trousers or lightweight jeans.

8) Lip salve and concealer. Include an SPF lip salve and concealer to prevent your lips from drying out and for emergency touch ups. Keep any makeup you wear to the beach to a minimum. We would suggest using the concealer and lip salve before you leave alongside a waterproof mascara (which you can then leave at home).

9) Compact mirror. See above!

10) iPod. Hours of entertainment for those who just want to find some shade and relax.…

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The Requirements for Fashion Models

The Requirements for Fashion Models

While high end fashion models earn some of the best incomes worldwide it goes without saying that this is an industry that is quite challenging and very cutthroat. Nonetheless, many young people still aspire to make an entry into the industry to become top models. Realistically, it is expedient that any aspiring model, male or female should learn all that they can about modeling.

Generally, models are employed to exhibit attires that fashion designers create and serve the purpose of promoting these attires that represent current trends and tastes. They grace catwalks with the attires and represent the fashion houses that employ them. Fashion models are not restricted to just apparel. They also promote clothing accessories, cosmetics and other beauty products through videos, photos, catalogues, magazines and posters. Fashion models are professionally contracted and are paid well for their work.

Modeling in the fashion industry is not about the person but more about the clothes. There is more to modeling than just a pretty face. There are a lot of physical considerations that go into the choice of models. The requisite talents as well as the adaptability appropriate for working in diverse aspects related to the fashion industry are also a requirement. Creativity and innovation will get any model to the top. The ability to meet the diversity demanded of fashion models will make a model distinguished.

Female models are scouted by agencies from ages 14 to 22 and are expected to be tall, lean and with long legs and also have an average lower height of about 5.8. There have been exceptions though and while there is no average higher height, some female fashion models have been known to be 6.3. Chemistry in front of the camera and in the runway is important as well as the ability of one’s body to fit well into the modeling attires. Body measurements are expected to be at about 34-24-34.

It is advocated that male models should have a waist of 26 to 33 inches. They should have a chest that measures at about 32 to 40 inches and their lowest heights should start at 5.11. Their ages can begin at 16 and end at 60. Male models have a longer career than their women counterparts.

Fashion models must be prepared to get into the career by taking photos and sending these photo’s to modeling agencies. Photos are best taken without any makeup. It is advisable to wear clothing that accentuates one’s body structure. Having a portfolio and a resume will also help and it would be best to start small and build on what one has begun. Once you have done all you need to do, it is time to wait for your break into the world of fashion modeling.…

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Fashion Scarf – Adding Enigmatic Elegance To Your Other Stylish Apparels

Fashion Scarf – Adding Enigmatic Elegance To Your Other Stylish Apparels

As you know fashion has drastically changed throughout the years so many of the latest designs and styles of scarves continue to become a part of your wardrobe. A fashion scarf now has become an essential accessory used to add an enigmatic elegance to your other stylish apparels. Gone are the days when people used this clothing accessory only for feeling the warmth by wrapping it around their neck or face. Today, more and more people are much more excited to bring scarves into use in order to add style and class to their dress. In short, we can say that these accessories now have become quite popular amongst those who always look for something that can help stand them out an a crowd.

There are a group of people who don’t have a proper idea how to tie and wear a scarf. This apparel is not confined to be used only as a head-wear, face or neck warmer, but they can serve different other decorating purposes.

The maximum size of winter scarves can be 48 inches. Cotton and wool are two fabrics primarily used in the making of these accessories. These apparels are also available in short sizes that also make a big difference when it comes to making your other clotting accessories more classy and elegant. Light weighted silk scarves are also appreciated by many fashion followers.

Obviously, you can succeed in leaving a positive impression on the minds of others through your selection of scarves that match your dress. It is good to visit a fashion designer who will definitely help you select the right style and technique in order to add elegance to your current attire. To learn how to carry and tie a fashion scarf read on this article.

For your concern, there are different styles you have to follow to tie your scarf. For example, you can style these accessories into a knot or use another adoring item like jewelry to enhance the beauty of this apparel. Belts, shawls and even head coverings are amongst some ways that this apparel can serve the purpose of accentuating your appearance. A fashion scarf can also accessorize your wardrobe if it is available with a simple knot tied at its both ends. This sort of style is generally preferred by those who want to wear it underneath the collar of a blazer. Many consider this style as a source of creating a great fashion statement.…

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Fashion And Style

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Though males’s fashion is more understated than women’s vogue, it is still crucial. Teashades glasses are quite rare but provide you with a perfect style boost in model and will increase your general life-style by giving you totally different kind of uniqueness. Style does not only mean to put on formal attire or to look stylish. Baseball caps, under tees, t-shirts, unfastened fitting denims and white sneakers seem as if they’ll never exit of fashion.\n\nPreserve a good balance of fundamental and fashionable clothes in your wardrobe. If you have curvy hips got for low boot reduce jeans to point out them off. Many of the sorts of clothes and shoe designs are named after her as her trend selections turned a factor of influence.\n\nThe pleating and dyeing course of got here to be mirrored within the clothes till the World Warfare I the place women have been dressing for comfort and not for vogue, girls discovered to work and have become practical at these occasions. This specific design has all the time been a selection of trend forward younger and older men.\n\nAll the colours and shades will fits on you. This unbelievable versatility that enables suits to be worn in almost all occasions is what offers it its timeless edge and a everlasting place in males’s vogue. The classic man’s swimsuit has barely changed for over a hundred years.…

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Proudly owning A Clothing Retailer

Finding a pattern clothes retailer marketing strategy to base your personal on or not less than to read over first, can set you on the right foot for quite a lot of reasons. Folks take pleasure in options, not only in types, but keep in mind all people is formed otherwise, so you may additionally want to offer totally different dimension options. If as an example you are a plus dimension lady, you may want to make sure that indeed the store does provide fashion gadgets for plus measurement girls, so your possibilities of finding precisely what you’re searching for remain excessive.\n\nIf you happen to don’t need to go this route, one other great source is your native flea markets. For example, if your online business goes to be a one man or girl present, then you’ll apply as a sole proprietor. Ralph Lauren designs intention to please the upper crust, nation club sort, but the fashions are versatile sufficient to go well with many varieties of fashion.\n\nUpon getting then discovered you desired piece of classic clothes, purchase it on-line and have it posted direct to your door. Right this moment traditional kurtis are sold by Indian and Indo Western designer online to all components of the world. One such fad that’s making the rounds within the Indian ethnic fashion scene is the cape dress trend.\n\nPurchase some trend clothing from your retailer, get 10 % off a pair of shoes from the shoe store. Maybe you possibly can work with the corporate the place you buy your wholesale ladies garments or Missy wholesale seller to put on a fashion present and/or seminar. Footwear and belts are delicate to trend calls for and gadgets are stylish.\n\nFor example, have vogue shows showcasing your retailer’s garments or a clothes drive for people to donate their garments to charity. If you happen to sell shirts and pants for men, each women and men is perhaps your goal market. Many on-line clothing auctions start at just under a dollar, and go up incrementally in accordance with the demand for the model.

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Fashion Clothes

Pattern Report

Women fashion has reached to a fully new degree altogether. The wealthy heritage of textile and ethnic components associated with India are displayed intricately within the latest fashion dresses obtainable at our online store, Just lately, the fusion of Western style with conventional Indian grace has resulted in creation of stylish style clothes.\n\nA lot of immediately’s hottest window treatments are now sporting easier, extra tailor-made seems to be, which open up the room, keeping it trendy and uncluttered. This makes it potential to get ready for the hotter weather and save up sufficient money to purchase the seasonal garments.\n\nCarrying the latest trends is great, however only if they look good on you. And whether you like an open entrance or a closed one, the designers have got you coated for this yr. It might spell enjoyable and wear-ability in trend and all you have to do is select the items which might be an ideal match for your physique form.\n\nStay on top within the trend game by donning the trendiest vogue garments and equipment from the best manufacturers together with Vero Moda, Biba, UCB, Puma, Nike, Catwalk and plenty of extra. Combine kinds and adopt in spring 2016 all the latest style trends.…

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How to Reorganize Your Accessories?

How to Reorganize Your Accessories?

Accessories are a vital part of your image; it includes your shoes, handbags and briefcases. Know what you have, and get rid of those you never use and those that are worn out. Shoes and handbags do not always have to match. You can wear fashion colours and then use a neutral coloured handbag. If you wear shoes in a fashion colours, then handbag should match.

Shop at the start of the season when there is greater choice. This is especially important for your basic items; otherwise, you may miss out. Sales times are great for those luxury items which you do not need but would like to have. Do avoid impulsive buying, especially at sales.

The best time to shop is in the morning and the early part of the week when the stores are not crowded. Do not take kids along and do not shop in a rush when you are seriously looking for clothes or accessories.

Dress well and be comfortable when shopping. Buy and wear for today, not for when you may need it, because quite often that day never comes. Inventory for your accessories are important feature of dressing and can make or break your image.

Doing an Inventory

1. Keep in mind your colours and styles

2. Be honest

3. Try on every accessories that you have

4. Begin to confidently clean out the accessories

5. Put your accessories into 3 boxes

Retain box

1. These are your correct colours and styles

2. They reflect you image

3. You feel great when you wear them and receive lots of compliments

Maybe box

1. The colours are correct, the styles are incorrect. Or the styles are correct, the colours are incorrect

2. They reflect your image

3. You feel good wearing them

Reject box

1. Accessories that are in the wrong colours and styles

2. Accessories that you have not worn in over six months

3. Worn out accessories

4. Outdated accessories

5. Anything not worn over the last year

6. Make-do accessories

7. Accessories that needs repair or is unwearable for any reason

8. Any items you are uncertain about, get rid of them as well

These accessories should be removed entirely from your collections if you are going to achieve up-to-date accessories to match your clothes you feel and look good in.

Cost per wearing formula

This will enable you to decide the cost of an accessory by the anticipated number of wearing.

o You bought an accessory for $100.00 which you wear once a week. The estimate life of this accessory is 2 years.

o $100 divided by 96 wearing = $1.04 per wearing

o On the other hand, you bought another accessory for $200.00 which you will wear 3 times a year. The estimate life of this accessory is 2 years.

o $200 divided 6 wearing = $33.33 per wearing

This is just a simple formula to use. It is a guide for you to whether the purchase you are about to make is of value.…