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Women fashion has reached to a fully new degree altogether. The wealthy heritage of textile and ethnic components associated with India are displayed intricately within the latest fashion dresses obtainable at our online store, Just lately, the fusion of Western style with conventional Indian grace has resulted in creation of stylish style clothes.\n\nA lot of immediately’s hottest window treatments are now sporting easier, extra tailor-made seems to be, which open up the room, keeping it trendy and uncluttered. This makes it potential to get ready for the hotter weather and save up sufficient money to purchase the seasonal garments.\n\nCarrying the latest trends is great, however only if they look good on you. And whether you like an open entrance or a closed one, the designers have got you coated for this yr. It might spell enjoyable and wear-ability in trend and all you have to do is select the items which might be an ideal match for your physique form.\n\nStay on top within the trend game by donning the trendiest vogue garments and equipment from the best manufacturers together with Vero Moda, Biba, UCB, Puma, Nike, Catwalk and plenty of extra. Combine kinds and adopt in spring 2016 all the latest style trends.…

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How to Reorganize Your Accessories?

How to Reorganize Your Accessories?

Accessories are a vital part of your image; it includes your shoes, handbags and briefcases. Know what you have, and get rid of those you never use and those that are worn out. Shoes and handbags do not always have to match. You can wear fashion colours and then use a neutral coloured handbag. If you wear shoes in a fashion colours, then handbag should match.

Shop at the start of the season when there is greater choice. This is especially important for your basic items; otherwise, you may miss out. Sales times are great for those luxury items which you do not need but would like to have. Do avoid impulsive buying, especially at sales.

The best time to shop is in the morning and the early part of the week when the stores are not crowded. Do not take kids along and do not shop in a rush when you are seriously looking for clothes or accessories.

Dress well and be comfortable when shopping. Buy and wear for today, not for when you may need it, because quite often that day never comes. Inventory for your accessories are important feature of dressing and can make or break your image.

Doing an Inventory

1. Keep in mind your colours and styles

2. Be honest

3. Try on every accessories that you have

4. Begin to confidently clean out the accessories

5. Put your accessories into 3 boxes

Retain box

1. These are your correct colours and styles

2. They reflect you image

3. You feel great when you wear them and receive lots of compliments

Maybe box

1. The colours are correct, the styles are incorrect. Or the styles are correct, the colours are incorrect

2. They reflect your image

3. You feel good wearing them

Reject box

1. Accessories that are in the wrong colours and styles

2. Accessories that you have not worn in over six months

3. Worn out accessories

4. Outdated accessories

5. Anything not worn over the last year

6. Make-do accessories

7. Accessories that needs repair or is unwearable for any reason

8. Any items you are uncertain about, get rid of them as well

These accessories should be removed entirely from your collections if you are going to achieve up-to-date accessories to match your clothes you feel and look good in.

Cost per wearing formula

This will enable you to decide the cost of an accessory by the anticipated number of wearing.

o You bought an accessory for $100.00 which you wear once a week. The estimate life of this accessory is 2 years.

o $100 divided by 96 wearing = $1.04 per wearing

o On the other hand, you bought another accessory for $200.00 which you will wear 3 times a year. The estimate life of this accessory is 2 years.

o $200 divided 6 wearing = $33.33 per wearing

This is just a simple formula to use. It is a guide for you to whether the purchase you are about to make is of value.…

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Hollywood to High Street: Why Natural-Looking Cosmetic Procedures Are So Popular

Hollywood to High Street: Why Natural-Looking Cosmetic Procedures Are So Popular

These days, it’s not just the rich and famous that get to enjoy the benefits of looking and feeling younger and healthier. Although a whole galaxy of stars, from Angelina Jolie to Catherine Zeta-Jones, are widely rumoured to have had cosmetic procedures, the average British woman (or man) is now more likely than ever to have undergone one of the many basic beauty treatments available.

So why the sudden rise?

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) reports a 6.7% rise in plastic surgery for men, and a 5% rise among women. This reflects the fact that we are becoming more accepting of cosmetic procedures that promote beauty and wellbeing, while still preserving a natural look that some celebrities we could name have definitely lost!

What procedures are available?

The spectrum of cosmetic surgery ranges from liposuction (surgical fat removal) and breast augmentation to the most popular anti-ageing tool of all, the humble Botox injection. Since its introduction in 2002, Botox has steadily gained in popularity with both the celebrity and the public. Quick and simple to perform, this anti-wrinkle treatment consists of small injections that allow the muscles of the face to relax, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Recently, alternatives to Botox, such as hyaluronic acid and poly-L-lactic acid (PLA) have broadened the market and made more choice available for people looking for a hassle-free way to combat those tell-tale signs of ageing. Both of these treatments use products that fill out the skin, producing an instant and recognisable reduction in bags and wrinkles.

Another treatment that seems to be on the rise is laser hair removal. Tired of the costs and inconveniences of regular shaving, rushing to waxing appointments and painful plucking, many women are now choosing to have hair more permanently removed with laser treatment. This almost painless procedure is a fast and efficient way to eliminate unwanted hair growth in almost any area. The chin, underarms and bikini line are some of the more requested treatment spots.

Is it all too good to be true?

Cosmetic procedures, like all medical treatments, are not without some small risks and side effects. Generally, these are limited to discomfort and slight bruising at the site of administration. Although mildly unpleasant, the effects usually disappear within a short period of days or weeks. The good news is that the staff at cosmetic surgery clinics are qualified experts, and should be more than happy to discuss any concerns with you before your procedure. Equally importantly, support and follow-up afterwards is a normal part of practice.

The Beauty Revolution

As we stride into the new decade, it seems we are fast leaving our hang-ups and misgivings about cosmetic procedures behind us. Today, both men and women are increasingly relaxed about accepting a little help in maintaining their youthful looks. This is partly because it has never been easier or cheaper to access, and partly because we no longer accept that beauty is the sole preserve of a privileged few. Vive la r?�volution!…

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Americana Style Fashion Trend

Americana Style Fashion Trend

It’s that time of year again; when the beer is flowing, the sky is filled with fireworks, and no meal is complete without a slice of apple pie a la mode. With the 4th of July around the corner, the Americana style trend is hot to trot. At once timeless and nostalgic, it evokes opportunity, optimism and strength. Whether you were born and bred in the land of the free or simply want to chase your own (American) dreams, this look is sure to make you want to take a road trip in a beat-up Cadillac and get lost in the Wild West.

If you want to be a full on American ambassador, there is no better place to start than with the iconic stars and stripes. Fly the flag proudly in a printed sweater with some distressed denim cutoffs, or pair some hot pants emblazoned with the Star Spangled banner and an over-sized white or blue tank for casual yet coordinated cool. Round off with well-worn baseball shoes or an impressive pair of platforms depending on whether you’re headed to the sports stadium or the bar. Oh heck, the platforms will look amazing anywhere. There are bonus points available for those who really commit to this look by wearing cowboy boots.

If you want to reference American culture in slightly less literal ways, look to Prada’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection for 1950s glamorous inspiration. The muscle-car print, mimicked elsewhere at ASOS and Primark, is cute and knowingly kitschy, while the leather pieces add a touch of sophistication to the fun. Make like a beauty school dropout with swing skirts in pretty pastels and prints, topped with bandeaus and gingham tie blouses. Add a headscarf and some cat eye sunglasses for a vintage sex appeal that never gets old.

The Pink Ladies inspiration doesn’t need to stop there. Hunt for a leather bomber jacket and customise with your favourite badges and pins, and go for waist belts to accentuate your curves in those flattering and go-with-everything pencil skirts. Shop for a classic Birkin-esque oversized handbag to perfect a look that’s more Stepford Wives than Desperate Housewives. Include lady-like printed blouses on your wish list so that you can easily pair separates for a capsule wardrobe to die for. Perfect for a cross-country journey on the highway!

This isn’t a look that you need to wear from head to toe. In fact, only those feeling particularly patriotic may want to. You can easily hint at your enthusiasm for all things Yankee by considering classic symbols such as Eagles, Uncle Sam, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Statue of Liberty (among many, many more). Clothing and jewellery incorporating these motifs are easy to find and throw a subtler salute to the States, incase you’re worried about looking like a walking flagpole. For an all-American vibe that’s even easier, just think preppiness and simplicity. Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren have been showing the world how it’s done for decades, and who are we to argue with these American greats?…

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Locations for Event Video Production

Event videos can be valuable for launching a new product, announcing a new partnership, or impressing future sponsors. Event videos can promote your next event, attract prospective sponsors, and run social media campaigns. You can use video to drive action and produce results with the right strategy. Here are some tips for capturing shareable content at your event. Let’s begin! How do you plan to capture event video content?

Equipment needed for event video production

Before you plan for event video production, consider who will be viewing the finished product. What is the call to action? What type of equipment and crew will be needed? Every event is different, and some will require a multicamera shoot and other types of filming, while others may only need a single camera solution. Be sure to develop contingency plans, as well. After all, a video of an event isn’t just for promoting a product.

For video production, one of the essential tools is a camera. While you can use a phone camera with decent quality, a professional-grade camera with the latest features is recommended. DSLRs, camcorders, and other high-end cameras are all available, as are excellent cameras. If you’re not a student, check out the camera lending program at your local college or university. Many colleges offer well-presented catalogs that list camera brands, lens mounts, and kelvin temperatures.

Locations for event video production

Whether an anniversary party, company holiday party, or fundraiser, the following locations for event video production will help you create the perfect film. These locations are visually and audibly friendly. They will minimize any possible hiccups during filming. Below are a few tips for selecting a site. You can use the Manifest Analyst to build a shortlist of companies. A good location should be quiet, with little traffic, and adequate lighting. Avoid places with an abundance of natural light, which can obscure the talent.

You may also want to consider streaming live events so that your viewers can watch your video. Streaming a live event to a global audience can help your company build a following and promote brand awareness. However, if the live event is on a smaller scale, it may not be possible to broadcast it. For that reason, it is recommended to have your event video production company film at a nearby venue.

Techniques for capturing shareable content

One of the most critical aspects of event video production is capturing the right content. The best way to do this is to create a highlight video that showcases one event area, such as the exhibits and keynote speech. The video can be slowed down to focus the audience’s attention. It can also be edited at different speeds. As video is the future, catching the right content will increase your brand’s reach and appeal.

The most influential event videos feature the critical information that will entice prospects to attend the next event. Highlight the numbers and statistics that would convince prospects to register for your next event. Also, include text on the video that matches your branding. Moreover, ensure that the text looks professional. It should also appear in the top part of the video. When creating the highlight video, remember to include relevant information.

Cost of event video production

The cost of event video production can vary widely, depending on the size of the output and the event’s specific needs. For example, larger budget projects may require a casting session to get critical individuals to speak on camera. The entire process can run into thousands of dollars, including the fees of a casting director, studio, and 20% agency fee. The cost of the event video production may also include ongoing licensing fees. In addition to these costs, the event videographer will also need to rent or buy special location-based video gear, which can cost thousands of dollars.

The total cost of event video production varies, but most professional companies charge a base rate per day. This fee is equivalent to eight to ten hours of work. For smaller events, a half-day rate may be more reasonable. If your event is multi-day, you’ll probably need more than one videographer. A base rate is an excellent place to start. However, keep in mind that some professionals charge more than others, depending on their experience level.

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Call a Water Restoration Near Me Service Today

After a flood, the first thing to do is call a water restoration service near me right away. These professionals can mitigate the damage, repair any damage, and get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Immediately calling a restoration specialist will ensure that flood mitigation is done correctly and minimize the amount of additional damage to your property. After all, you don’t want to spend time trying to figure out what to do next.

Restoration 1

If you need water damage restoration in New York, you can turn to Restoration 1. This company provides 24-hour emergency response and recovery. With two offices in the city, they can respond quickly to any disaster. Restoration 1 water restoration near me can help you recover your property quickly and thoroughly. Read on to learn more about the services Restoration 1 provides. It’s important to know that you’ll be able to count on their work.

ServiceMaster by Complete

If you’ve recently suffered from a water disaster, ServiceMaster by Complete Water Restoration near me can help. The experienced technicians at ServiceMaster use state-of-the-art equipment to remove the water from your home or business. They then thoroughly dry out every corner of your property. By doing so, they prevent the growth of mold. Read on to learn more about the services available through ServiceMaster. Then, whether you’ve suffered a small leak or a major flood, you can trust the team of ServiceMaster by Complete water restoration near me to take care of everything.

One of the worst disasters for homes is a sewage spill. Whether it’s due to a toilet overflow or a backed-up septic tank, ServiceMaster by Complete Water Restoration near me will be able to help. Sewage spills are dangerous because they create a hazardous environment inside your home. However, ServiceMaster by Complete Water Restoration near me has a reputation for quality service.

While water restoration is essential for repairing the property, natural disasters can cause severe structural damage. Regular restoration services will not be sufficient to restore the structure to its original condition. Additionally, exterior damage can leave your building exposed to the elements, which can cause further damage. ServiceMaster by Complete EMT provides construction services for both commercial and residential properties. A skilled team of technicians can repair your home or business and prevent it from becoming another disaster.


If you need a plumbing emergency service or water damage cleanup, call Roto-Rooter today. Water damage can occur from several sources, including a broken pipe or burst pipe. A burst pipe may also occur due to an appliance failure. Sewer and drain backups can also cause a flood, but you can call a local water restoration company if you don’t have a plumber. Roto-Rooter water restoration experts can minimize the damage caused by a water emergency and repair the underlying cause.

Roto-Rooter water restoration near me offers plumbing services and sewage cleanup. Most locations offer a no-hassle guarantee, which means you don’t have to worry about anything after completing the service. In addition, many sites offer a no-hassle guarantee, which means they’ll fix any broken items or replace them free of charge. And the prices range from about $160 to $450 for common plumbing repairs.

For all of your water cleanup and plumbing needs, Roto-Rooter plumbers provide full-service plumbing maintenance, including drain cleaning, sewer line cleaning, and more. They offer commercial and residential plumbing services and convenient emergency services for every need. Plus, they won’t charge you extra for the night and weekend service, and they do not charge extra for holidays or weekends. And, they’ll never charge you for travel expenses.

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Spring/Summer 2011 Gemstone Jewelry Trends

Spring/Summer 2011 Gemstone Jewelry Trends

Its coming to that time again where the weather is warming up, time to bring out those summer dresses, spaghetti string tops, and high heel sandals!

Well you know what type of jewelry you like and how you want to wear it and if you don’t that is fine, this is just a guide on whats coming spring/summer 2011 in the accessories department.

Just know you can always add your unique touch to anything you wear! if you want to try something new as well do so!

This season will be incorporated with some of last years trends the big and the bold statement pieces for example shoulder-grazing earrings.

Not only will you get bold statement pieces this 2011 but more elegant styles as well such as more diamond accent pieces and simple refined necklaces.

Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds!

The more the merrier, stack on necklaces, bangles and huge statement rings are still in style for spring/summer 2011.

However the chandelier earrings are going away slowly but surely and being replaced by more simple and elegant earring designs like basic hoops, ear studs and linear style earrings yet earrings would still hold that bold look.

A lot of geometrical shapes will be seen in more of the jewelry designs such as dimensional shapes, beaded circle necklaces, square bangles, cuffs with graphic cutouts to name a few.

Another hot jewelry trend is fabric style accessories like leather earrings, necklace woven with denim, bib style fabric necklaces, ribbon end necklaces to name a few.

Lets not forget the retro vintage, reminiscent of the late 80s to early 90s look jewelry designs with the checkered squares, fun, flirty colors for example colorful resin bangles, acrylic style earrings, cubic zirconia bracelets, and gemstone tassel like necklaces and earrings just to name a few.

You will see a lot of cabochon styled designs in necklaces, bracelets and earrings this will bring more of a subtle look this summer/spring 2011.

You can not go without having nature inspired fashion jewelry this year you will see elephants, bugs, flowers, leaves, birds just to name a few.

Metal jewelry that is light weight huge in form in many styled colors such as layered chains & huge metal pendants that tell a story.

Surprisingly you will see more rose gold color coming out like the gold and silver.

There is an abundance of jewelry styles out there know what you like to wear whether you like to wear bold statement styles to refined just be you.…